If you’re a fan of the likes of Stephan Bodzin and Adam Beyer’s big room techno, we can state with some assurance that you’re sure to love Ian Carpenter’s sound. The young Italian regularly namechecks both producers as big influences, although he also inhabits a style that’s very much his own too. Think sounds for cavernous warehouse spaces and you’re in the right ballpark. It’s not just us that’s taking notice of his sound either – domestically, Ian has played at some of his country’s biggest festivals, not least Kappa Music Festival. With a set at Mt. Etna to follow soon as well as a brilliant new release on Trip Records, Renovatio, we decided it a good time to catch up with the main man himself…

How are you, what’s good and bad in your world?

Hello Ian Carpenter here, everything is proceeding at a new pace both in terms of life and music. I hope this pandemic situation ends as soon as possible. I never stop working hard to produce new sounds and make this difficult time more enjoyable.

What keeps you enthused, motivated, inspired?

The hope of a new start in the world of music keeps me motivated. Fortunately, the music never stops, which inspires me to produce new music for my audience.

Tell us some background about yourself and how you got to this point?

Well what to say, I started very young, I have cultivated this great passion since I was a kid. I started as a DJ at the age of 14 and I never stopped dreaming big. Initially I played in the clubs of my city (Padua, Italy) then I started participating in national and international competitions, obtaining victories that made me grow professionally. I started producing my music by taking a cue from “BIG” like Stephan Bodzin and Adam Beyer, who inspired me to achieve my own style.

Why start a new alias? What was the catalyst?

My old alias “Katty Smyle” marked an era of first experiences, I explored the world of techno with a kid’s eyes and I approached it by making my first experiences. Ian Carpenter was born from the unripe Katty Smyle.

Will you go back to the old one again or is that done now?

I can confirm my professional stability with this new alias, which fully represents my more “mature” style: you go forward you don’t go back;).

Tell us about growing up in Italy. What was it like musically? And do you remember the first time you experienced electronic music?

Growing up professionally in Italy is unfortunately not easy especially for our generation. Emerging was not easy but I never pulled back. The first time I listened to electronic music was in a club in my hometown with my friends. I’ve never done without it since then!

Did you have a release for this EP from the start?

No, this ep is completely new, it’s called Renovatio from the Latin which means “renewal” or new beginning.

You’ve achieved a lot such as winning the burn contest and playing at kappa futur festival — what are your plans from this point?

It is true, these opportunities have been very important for me giving me visibility in the music world and I am very proud of them. Today my plans are to broaden my knowledge for new musical collaborations. I am working to perform live streaming in suggestive places of my beautiful Italy, to enhance the musical experience and make it reach my audience.

What gear did you use for the new EP. Does that matter?

In all my releases, the native instruments Drum machine cannot be missing, for me it is essential to be able to create the right rhythm. In this ep I used a lot of “Diva” vst. I also want to clarify that I don’t like loops, in fact I don’t use them. I always create new and original sounds.

Did the pandemic affect you at all? Would it sound different had there not been one?

Obviously the pandemic hit me as it did with everyone, some more, some less. Without the pandemic it certainly would have been different, I admit that I really miss being able to play around, be in contact with people and share my music in a party atmosphere

With no focus on getting gigs, just on making music with no distractions, has been a tonic in some way?

Without a doubt I got to concentrate totally on new productions and new ideas, without distractions. I sincerely hope that soon we can return to normal, healthy and peaceful.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

At the moment I am working on my new EP and the realization of a series of videos with live set composed of melodic techno music inserted in a naturalistic context that enhances the sound wave. 

Keep up with Ian Carpenter on Facebook here. Ian Carpenter’s Sahara EP is out now via Trip Records. Buy/listen to the release here