Needs No Sleep is back on Be Rich Records, this time bringing fellow Austrailan producer SWOOP along for the ride, and Big Tings – a dope house cut that’s already picking up support from the likes of Claptone, Treasure Fingers, Golf Clap and Joachim Garraud.

Melbourne-based DJ/producer and four to the floor guru Needs No Sleep is putting out some of the freshest, hard-hitting house sounds in Australia, and is poised to further break into the world circuit in 2019.

Earlier this year he released tech house banger Lambo/Not My Question on This Ain’t Bristol, 6 In The Morning on Astrx AU, and most recently was his collab with Wildfire, On The Edge, which landed on Be Rich Records with support from DJ EZ, Kissy Sell Out, Vanilla Ace, Richy Ahmed and Claptone.

With Big Tings out now, we caught up with him for a little chat…

Kick us off with a little background on Needs No Sleep… how long have you been putting out music, and how would you describe your sound?

I’ve been writing music as Needs No Sleep now for about two and a half years. I previously produced music under another alias and genre before switching over to this project. I would describe my sound as heavy tech, I love the drums and rolling baselines of the tech house genre and I’ve also always liked the heavier side of anything and I apply that to my productions.

How has the house music scene in Australia developed over the years?

I think it’s a great scene down here in Australia, there are so many talented artists across multiple genres and it’s always interesting to see who the next big thing is to come from our country!

What’s your take on the current political crackdown on clubbing and dance music in general? It doesn’t seem like the government is a fan of the rave from where we’re sitting!

I think everything is cyclical and things always swing back once the momentum has gone too far either way. I’m a big believer of letting people do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t negatively effect or impact anyone else and I think people should be allowed to enjoy clubbing and dance music party’s/festivals.

Your new single bangs hard! Can you tell us a bit about how you hooked up with SWOOP on this one…

Thank you! SWOOP and I have been friends for a number of years in real life and I’ve always highly respected and appreciated his creativeness and his talents. This year I have really stepped up my release schedule and also the amount of music I’ve been making in the studio, It was only logical that we hook up and make something together. ‘Big Tings’ is actually our second release together for the year, the first being ‘Howl & Growl’ on This Ain’t Bristol.

Do you prefer collaboration to working solo? 

I would say I enjoy the positives of both. Releasing a track solo is really cool because you get to show everyone what you are capable of and have them know that everything was done by yourself. Collaborations are also fun because you combine the best parts of each artist and hopefully end up with a track that is better than if you tried to do it by yourself.

You seem to have a pretty productive relationship with Be Rich Records… what do they do differently to other labels? 

The label owner is actually a very close friend of mine and someone who I respect dearly. In my opinion he is one of the best A&R’s in the game and he frequently helps me take my releases to the next level with his very thorough and attentive notes.

Give us your top five stone-cold bangers from 2019…

From myself my top 5 would be:

Needs No Sleep & Wildfire – On The Edge
Needs No Sleep – Lambo
Needs No Sleep – 6 In The morning
Needs No Sleep – Boss (feat. Sophie Grophy)
Needs No Sleep & Wildfire – Only You

From other producers, I would pick:

Flash 89 – Body Talk
Yolanda Be Cool – Space Jam
KC Lights – SOL
Wongo – Caught Up
Stace Cadet – The Circus

And your own personal highlight from the last 12 months…?

Achieving a #1 on the Australian Aria Club chart would have to be the highlight of this year, it is something I have always wanted to tick off my list and the feeling of achieving that was pretty sensational!

What can we expect from you in 2020?

You can expect me to be bringing the same energy from this year and applying it to next year, lots of quality releases to come!!!

And finally, one club/artist/party we should all be checking out if we ever manage to haul ourselves over to Australia? 

With Us Saturdays at Circus Nightclub, and Mr Chans Fridays at ‘Pawn & Co’ are both remarkable nights that book me frequently and which are absolute pleasures to play!

Needs No Sleep & SWOOP – Big Tings is out now on Be Rich Records – listen & buy