[Release]  Sasha is a world renowned DJ and producer and his new label, Last Night On Earth, has been gaining lots of attention recently.  Already topping the beatport charts with earlier releases, we get their latest efforts provided by Hunter_Game.

Hunter_Game has been rising in the game recently, and have been releasing top shelf music this past year; it’s no wonder why Sasha signed them up to his label so quickly.  A majestic EP from start to finish, An Angel, is a release that you are going to want to add to your arsenal.

Rich bass, developed, complex vocals, and spectral percussion make the title track, ‘An Angel,’ an instant hit.  Leaning towards the dark side, this track is a great mood-setter.  Another dark atmospheric groove, ‘Novox,’ pulls you deep into its grasps with its delicate piano and driving synths.  The last track, ‘Your Essence,” is a seductor, with a rumbling bass and a smooth groove.

A wonderful EP, Hunter_Game continues to impress with their impeccable style.  Last Night On Earth is also a label that is leading the way in forward-thinking music and seem to be pushing the envelope with each new release.  I look forward to what both these two have in store for the future.


Artist:  Hunter_Game
Title:  An Angel EP
Label:  Last Night On Earth
Catalog No.:  LNOE010

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