Sasha’s label Last Night on Earth continues its strong release record with Hunter/Game’s The Island. The Italian duo has had a strong year since their first release on the outfit last October with An Angel, appearing on labels such as Get Physical, Hot Creations and Diynamic.  Featuring three original tracks and two remixes, this EP flows beautifully, taking us on a journey  through the summer’s peak.

Subtly deep, highlighting Bajka’s mystical female voice, title track “The Island” is an enticing selection-perfect for a build up. German producer Baikal does a wonderful job transforming 
“The Island” into a tech-driven paradise, still showcasing the vocals over a new terrain of heavier more persistent sounds.  “North Voice” acts as a nice, carefree transition with light tones and harp sounding melodies woven through echoing claps.  Concluding the originals with intensity, “Lies” quickens the pace yet Camille Corazon’s voice is smooth and rich creating a nice balance between quick tempo and cool energy of the EP as a whole.

This EP is packed with collaborative talent and provides a glance into this Summer’s cutting edge sounds.