Catch recordings is a label that goes against the grain and always cooks up inventive and off kilter house and techno sounds. For their 11th EP they look to Brazilian artist Horos for four more thrilling cuts and each one proves this fast rising star is well worth of wider attention around Europe.

First out of the blocks is Sea of Crete, a spine tingling deep cut riddled with edgy chords that shapeshifter before your very ears. It is intense and absorbing without needing to be quick in tempo and will add theatre to any set. Ethereal is a skeletal groove with broken, rubbery drums padding away below snaking synths. Dark and ever more pressurised, it is a unique sounding track that is urban and futuristic in equal measure. Kthon then plods along a mysterious late night street scene with frazzled synths percolating up through the mix. It is curious and mischievous and is filled with suspense. Last of all, Descend is a soothing ambient track with long tailed pads, heavy drones and spacey sonics all suspending you in mid air. Once again then Catch have come correct with this latest EP.

Horos – Labyrinth EP

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– jams
Jimbo James