If you’re a house head in Southern California then you’ve most certainly heard of Focus, a weekly dance party poppin’ off every Tuesday night in the quaint beach town of Newport Beach; and if you’ve ever been to Focus any time in the past 11 years of it’s existence then you’ve most certainly heard of Wobs, the party’s fun-loving resident DJ and photographer. Wobs, along with Focus honcho Josh Billings and fellow resident jock DJ Nonfiction, have been bringing top tier talent to SoCal week in and week out for over a decade; that in and of itself is jaw-dropping. If he’s not rockin’ the D at Focus then you can probably find Wobs shooting his legendary photos at any given festival or dance party on the west coast. His Wobsarazzi photog alter-ego is a household name amongst house music festival goers. We feel privileged to add Wobs to our Hometown Hereos roster this first week of June 2014. Peep his mix and interview below.

How and when did you get your start into house music and DJing?

I always look back and laugh to myself of how it started. I never really set out to be a DJ, it just kind of happened. I started DJing 15 years ago when my friend brought his turntables to my house after too many noise complaints from the neighbors. I was just messing around at first, but after going to a couple LA undergrounds and hearing DJ Heather and Wally Callerio, my love for house was officially born. I had been playing at home for 4 months when a promoter heard me play. I had no idea of it at the time, but they booked me for my first gig with them shortly after. That gig led to a residency with that promoter, onE entertainment. It’s been one crazy ride ever since!

Along with DJing and promoting you also shoot great photography. How’d you get into that?

I did a lot of photography when I was younger with film, but gave up on it thinking there wasn’t much future there.  I picked it back up 4 years ago as another creative outlet. At the time, I was working a job I hated and needed something other than music to escape with. It’s since grown from a hobby into my career thanks to my friends and a couple amazing mentors.

What do you find is the biggest challenge playing music for people?

The biggest challenge for me is trying to play some sounds that the dance floor may not be quote ready for. I’ve always enjoyed the teaching aspect of being a DJ. It’s great to have a packed dance floor, but for me the real satisfaction comes exposing people to new music.

How do you feel about the trendy direction deep house is heading?

I love that house is big again.  I’ve suffered through the times when house wasn’t cool, so it’s great to see so many people fall in love with it. It’s great to see all the different directions it’s going right now. There are a ton of talented producers making some amazing music. I think the future is gonna be bright for a long time.

If you gave one piece of advice to an aspiring DJ what would it be?

Do it because you love it. When your head and your heart are in harmony, you can go farther than you ever imagined.

What’s the most exciting news on the horizon for you?

I’m really grateful that pretty much everything right now is exciting. My summer photo schedule is full and I’ve got a bunch of amazing DJ gigs coming up in SF, LA, Baja and the OC.  We’re also celebrating our 11 year anniversary at Focus in a couple weeks. Life is good!

What’s your drink of choice?

It’s a little drink I call Rocket Fuel. It’s vodka & tropical fruit punch rock star. Blast off!


Focus 11 Year Anniversary with Pleasurekraft

Tuesday June 17th

Tapas in Newport Beach.




– jams