Before the rising fad of everyone being a DJ and the new bandwagon of women, there were the badass babes who paved their way with talent through a mostly male dominated field to solidify their space in the scene. In late 2007, when Tara put her first needle on a record, she had neither idea nor expectation that her passion for music would soon become her life­long career. She learned on vinyl using her natural ear for music. Through this route, she escaped into the sounds that helped her discover a new meaning to life. Experiencing magical nights at parties and festivals in Southern California, Tara discovered the power to be moved & touched by underground dance music, causing pure enlightenment. She’s a self­taught DJ who found her destiny, to express creativity through music. Self-taught and self-managed, Tara has grown to be a powerhouse of an artist in the last 7 years and has continued to conquer California and spread her sounds and vibe far beyond. Playing parties everywhere from SF to SD, BPM to Burning Man, and anywhere & everywhere in between, she is synonymous with the most enriching ecstatic elevating vibe that continues to draw people into the sets and worlds she creates. From being Desert Hearts  & Subtract Music’s newest resident this year to kicking off the new year with Louie Fresco’s MEXA Records BPM party and the Pink Mammoth Tulum takeover to continuing expanding her vibes down to Costa Rica this winter to play Envision Festival, it’s safe to say her growth is limitless and her talent is endless. Get into her mix and into her mind with some fun interview questions below …

Interview with Tara:

Favorite producer(s) right now?
Proud to say my favorite producers are mostly my very dear friends, Louie Fresco, Hands Free, Jon Charnis, Gabriel I, Nico Stojan, Silky, Andre Salmon

Other kinds of music you listen to (not electronic)?
Classic & old school rock, worldly spiritual meditation yoga tunes, reggae dub & roots, some old school hip hop
What do you get into in your downtime? If you have any downtime…
Not much downtime, hehe, but in a perfect world … outdoor exercise, hiking, yoga, snowboarding, comedy shows, live non electronic music, relaxing while watching something funny
What are you most passionate about other than music?
Passionate about yoga, I’ve found such healing & spiritual connections through body mind & soul. Passionate about the people I’m surrounded with over the past few years that have been so powerful, the music & this community has brought the most genuine people together
Favorite thing about LA? Favorite hidden gems? Hideaways?
The beautiful weather, obviously I need some hideaways & secret gems please?!
Favorite city (cities) other than LA?
Magical Tulum. San Fran <3

Favorite food?
Pho, sushi, & good ol hearty salads
Favorite drink?
Lavendar melon kombucha, alcohol don julio soda, lots of lime
Favorite party (parties) you’ve played so far this year? What about them made them so special?
Desert Hearts, Pink Mammoth yacht with Lee, Lightning in a Bottle Woogie stage, Kazbah & SF afters, connecting & collaborating with Flavio Navarro from Playa Del Carmen … Its all about the loving warm energy created, the people and vibe is priceless, its like a world of beauty & harmony
We know you’re a burner babe, any favorite memories or moments you want to share with us from the playa this past year?
Dj’ing all over the playa filled my time this year, looking forward to seeing & doing more next time & really letting go… So many insane DJ sets including my best friends wedding and most of my fav camps, pink mammoth, kazbah, panda lounge, wide awake art car… unbefuckingbelievable

Party you’re most stoked for coming up?
Louie Fresco Mexa Records BPM, Jungle party PDC, Pink Mammoth in tulum, Envision Costa Rica