Rachel Torro is carving out a unique space in the San Francisco House Music scene with an aesthetic that draws from her adventurous musical background. Her musical passion has been influenced by artists like Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and LCD Soundsystem. She combines a mature breadth of taste with a youthful playfulness colored by her post-adolescent history of psychedelic rock revelry. Her song selections weave a voice that is all her own–minimal, deep and tech house sensibilities build upon and support each other in a grounded but intricately textured experience. In addition to sharing the stage with staples like Luca Bacchetti, Hot Since 82, Pete Tong and Lee Burridge; Rachel is the resident DJ and musical director for Morning Gloryville San Francisco, an early morning, pre-work conscious dance party.

Where are you from and what are your musical upbringings?
I grew up in the midwest, mostly in chicago suburbs. I was introduced to a lot of motown, funk, and classic rock from my parents, which got me into playing guitar and the piano at a young age.
Can you tell us how you got mixed up in this crazy world of electronic music?
In high school, when I got a little more rebellious (ok a lot more) I started going to raves and got into the electronic music scene. Eventually burning man and a crew I met in Colorado introduced me to good house music and that’s where the obsession began.
Can you tell us a little about the city you live in now and the scene there?
San Francisco has an amazing music scene that has been very good to me. When I started playing out, I was welcomed by the community with open arms and opportunities i couldn’t believe were being presented to me. Folks here are really in love with the music, so it’s comforting to live in a city where you have so much support and network of people that share your passion.
You’re part of this amazing party called Morning Gloryville.  Can you tell us a little about that?
Morning Gloryville is a global movement intended to give ravers a healthy dance floor opportunity. So many of us get jaded and burnt out by the club scene and don’t have an outlet that is more sustainable over the long haul.  Morning Gloryville provides that for everyone, you can even bring your kids! We have 4 hours of djs bringing you on a high energy journey from 6:30-10:30 AM, once a month, with no booze, so you can sweat it out efficiently before you head to work. Coffee, yoga, acroyoga, and massage is included and smoothies/ juice/ and breakfast are available for purchase. I like it because I get to play all the novelty, disco, and funk tracks I can’t play at the club. It’s the most ridiculous kind of fun. Our next one is January 14th @ Cellspace in the mission.
Can you tell us a little about your Sound Camp at Burning Man, Panda Lounge, and your mission with this project?
For years I’d been hitting up Panda Lounge at 8:30 and A as my “go to” party on the playa. I couldn’t find another spot that beat their music, vibes, and general cuddly panda nature. Last year, for my 5th burn, I camped with them for the first time and of course, it was my best one yet. We’re definitely recreating the magic again this year, and will be holding a few fundraisers to make that happen; starting with Matthew Dekay, Mark Slee, and myself at Public Works in San Francisco on Friday, January 2nd. Come support!
Who are some of your favorite Producers and Labels at the moment?
One of my all time favorites would have to be Nico Stojan. His production is really top notch in my book. As far as labels go, keinemusik is always a go-to, and Still Vor Talent has a fire roster on their team as well.
When you are not listening to electronic music, what are you listening to?
I go down to revolution cafe in the mission on Mondays sometimes for their classical night. I’m so vortexed in the electronic music scene that I’m always the typical “moved” person in the corner that forgot how beautiful live music can be. I highly recommend it.
Anything big planned for 2015?
Looking forward to playing some of my favorite festivals for sure. And also working on getting better at producing. I’ve been nerding out on ableton tutorials a lot recently and like the way things are progressing. Hopefully 2015 will bring me the fine tuning that I need. Fingers crossed x
Can you tell us a little about this mix?
This one came together really nicely and effortlessly, which happens probably 50% of the time. It’s more on the melodic, emotive side of things. And as always, focuses a lot on the mids. “Meaty” tracks as i like to call them. I’m happy with it.