K-lix joins us for the next Hometown Heroes podcast from Guatemala City.

A DJ and producer, K-lix has been working hard to spread his sound across dance floors around the world. He is well respected in his hometown and is considered to be a pioneer for electronic dance music across Guatemala. Beyond sharing the stage with names like Doorly, Dj Pierre, and ANNA, K-lix’s releases have made local charts and in the last year has been aiming tons of energy into his record label, Aethyr.

The sky is the limit for this favorable artist. We are excited to have him join our Hometown Hero line-up! Enjoy!

Download, tracklist, & interview below…

Hometown Heroes: K-lix from Guatemala City

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1. Di Chiara Brothers – Sonus
2. Carl Cox & Nicole Moudaber – See You Next Tuesday (Solardo Remix)
3. Kaiserdisco – Bailetto
4. David Ken & Mat Joe – Like us
5. K-lix – Snowball Effect
6. Jamie Jones & Nathan Barato – Cheery’s Revenge
7. Jamie Jones & Nathan Barato – Cheating Chester
8. K-lix – Dolla Holla
9. Gene Farris & Green Velvet – LOL
10. Justin Jay & Josh Taylor – Pussy Pop
11. Rawkwon – Crazy Vision (Dub Mix)
12. Clyde P – Zangief
13. Oscar L – Polar H
14. Pirate Copy – Cala Jondal
15. Italoboyz – Viktor Casanova
16. Pier Bucci – Hay Consuelo (Samim Remix)

Interview with K-lix

How did you get into the electronic dance music scene and Djing?
I started going to parties at a young age, I come from a band background playing guitar at punk bands then just getting into the scene, traded few guitars for a couple of decks n laptop with Ableton and it’s been a roller coaster since then.

Describe the scene in Guatemala. What makes it special and sets it apart?
It’s a small scene it has its up & downs we have seasons in which we have a lot of international come through the city and play and it’s always a Vibe, people are super warm & wild. Throughout the years we also seen the numbers of Djs rise & Producers are getting up there too. We have seen a lack of venues and spaces limiting the growth of it lately which is kinda sad. But we still find a way through to keep the party alive.

Happy New Year! What are your goals for 2018 and beyond?
Got a couple of releases coming up on my label. Aethyr, my EP is coming early 2018 and then I have a few others in April. I am also in the works of breaking out from just playing in the city to tour the world. Our focus are summer fests in Europe and around the states are deff things we are trying to close right now.

Top 3 Tracks in your playlist…
Walker & Royce ft. Sophiegrophy (btw I have heat coming with Sophiegrophy on my upcoming EP and it’s lit)
Carl Cox & Nicoule Moudaber – See You Next Tuesday (Solardo Remix)
Zoo Brazil -Fancy (Popof Remix)

Tell us about your mix…
Went through a lot of the new fun edgy tech house I love playing transitioning to deeper techno and old school minimal vibes which I love playing, like my favorite sets is when i have a around 3 hours or more to go through a true journey off all the sub genres of techno & techhouse I enjoy going through to tell a full story.

Favorite Drink?
Love a good smoothie filled w greens like a good vegan but when I’m playing a show nothing beats a Chivas whiskey on the rocks.


– anam
Ana Martinez
Contributing Editor