Joe Pea is one of three valiant resident DJs at San Diego’s longest running weekly party, Dance Klassique, which just surpassed its 16th year mark!

Joe began DJing in early 2000 after spending the first portion of his musical journey as a drummer playing with numerous live bands. Besides his residency at DK on Wednesday nights held at the legendary Bar Dynamite, or Bar D for short, Joe is consistently playing club gigs throughout SoCal and outdoor gatherings such as Burning Man, Desert Hearts, and Youtopia; where he has shared the stage with a roster of high profile artists: Claude VonStroke, Doc Martin, Andreas Henneberg, Marques Wyatt, Oliver Giacomotto, and many more.

Joe Pea has also been hard at work in the production studio and plans to release his first EP later in 2016–we’ll be waiting for that one to drop. In the meantime, this Heroic figure in the San Diego community takes the reins for this week’s HH episode.

Read more about Joe Pea in the interview below…

Hometown Heroes: Joe Pea from San Diego

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Track List:
01 – Gorge – Wont Hurt
02 – Samu.l – Wake Up (original Mix)
03 – Matthias Tanzmann – Boxing Day
04 – Matt Tolfrey – Yello
05 – Okain – Disco Bass
06 – DJ Le Roi – Mont Blanc
07 – ARBG, Katal – French Boss (Original Mix)
08 – DJ Dep, Kydus – Cala El Verano (Detlef Remix)
09 – Hector Couto – Get It On
10 – Supernova – Ive got You (Original Mix)
11 – Emanuel Satie – Come As You Are
12 – Bengt van Steegen, Jonse – Satisfied (David Keno Remix)
13 – Simone Liberali – Watch Out (Original Mix)
14 – Kyodai – The Place To Be (Original Mix)


Connect with Joe Pea:
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Interview with Joe Pea

How did you get into dance music and DJing? Do you remember a specific moment of inspiration or was it an evolution?
I got into dance music through friends in Arizona in 1999. They started going to desert raves and decided to take me along one night. During this time, I was playing live music as a drummer in my 6th band in 4 years. I had decided early on in life that I was going to make music my career & was struggling to find like-minded, motivated individuals that shared my passion. That night in the desert changed my life forever and I dove right in–one of the best things that ever happened to me.

How does your residency at Dance Klassique help your DJ career progress?
It gives me a platform to express myself on a weekly basis. I’ve learned a lot about the music and myself the past few years as a resident there. On top of that, I get to be a part of what seems to be a staple for San Diego house music. All in all, it motivates me to keep pushing harder towards my goals.

What’s the scene like in San Diego? How is it unique compared to the rest of the world?
I don’t look at what we have here in San Diego as a scene. We have worked our way passed that and have become a community. Most everyone gets along and is easy to work with. When I go out to different events, I see a lot of the same faces there enjoying the vibe and soaking in the love that the music has to offer. I feel that we stand apart from most of the world because of the fact that we do have a community here. From what I’ve gathered, quite a bit has changed the past 10 or so years and a lot of the ‘scenes’ have fizzled out, especially here in the U.S.

Name a couple core values you hold as a DJ?
Of course there are the obvious: professionalism & being punctual; but I feel one of the biggest values I hold, is being able to play a time slot and not pigeonhole myself to any certain sound or genre.

Which way do you lean towards — 115 or 125? What’s one of your favorite jams you’re playing out at the moment?
It varies–really depends on the time slot, vibe of party, what genre I’m playing, etc. When I’m playing house, I tend to drift around the 120-123 range; techno, more like 125.

One of my favorite jams at the moment would have to be:
Tom Budden – Quattro (Original Mix)

What gig do you dream about?
We all have dreams and most of mine I’ve turned into goals. There are a ton of local festivals and events I’d love to play for sure. As for a dream, playing techno at Tomorrowland in Belgium would be a pretty sweet gig.

What cool things do you have planned for 2016?
My list of cool things I have planned for this year is really too long to put down, but I’d have to say that releasing my first track is on the top of it. I can’t wait to take that next step and get on with this.

Tell us about your mix…
A fun, percussive mix, that starts out with a nice deep tribal groove, and then gradually escalates, gets funky, then finishes smoothly.

Drink of choice…
Bulleit Bourbon neat.


Jimbo James
Managing Editor