Bushwick A/V and TBA Brooklyn resident, Gio Gulez, is an after-hours techno extraordinaire.

Gio moved to NYC via Istanbul in 2002 and quickly began working his way up the ladder. Besides being a fixture at nightclub TBA Brooklyn, he is co-founder and resident DJ of Bushwick A/V, an after-hours collective that throw parties into the wee hours of the weekend mornings in lofts and rooftops all over Brooklyn. They’ve hosted artists like Mr.C, Evil Eddie Richards, David Scuba, Jonny Cruz, Schlepp Geist, Jaceo, Gab Rhome and more.

The buzz surrounding these after-parties is immense, so much so that the Bushwick A/V crew have been asked to curate the official after-hours of Mysteryland USA in Bethal Woods, New York on June 11th. More info and Mysteryland tickets.

We feel privileged to host this Mysteryland USA Edition of Hometown Heroes from Gio Gulez.

Hometown Heroes: Gio Gulez from New York City

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Interview with Gio Gulez

How did you get into dance music and DJing? Do you remember a specific moment of inspiration or was it an evolution?
I was running the Porch Bar and we started Friday nights w/ Electronic Music w/ 34th Street John. This was in 2003-2004 where the scene was in big decline. Being a musician, I had no problem getting my first vinyl set together at that party. It was definitely an evolution.

How did Bushwick A/V come about? How does producing parties help your DJ career progress?
There was a demand for after parties so we decided to team up w Memo Erkaya & Myroslaw Bytz. First we started Sundaymorning and now we do Saturday mornings and special dates as well. Producing parties help meeting new artists; agents also constantly get updated with their music. Also we get to play our own parties.

What’s the scene like in Brooklyn? How is it unique compared to the rest of the world?
The scene is the best I’ve ever experienced since I moved to NY in 2002. I think we still need to catch up with new music and also be less trend related.

Name a couple core values you hold as a DJ?
Something that many djs lack is to help each other out to create a unity for a great party. Most djs are very focused on self. Also I listen to new songs all the time, I think in order to be a dj, you should be constantly expanding your music library.

What BPM does your heart beat? What’s one of your favorite jams you’re playing out at the moment?
I played 122 or less for many years. These days I really enjoy 124. A few jams: Hardmood – Oskar Offerman, Radio 1 – Radionasty, Void 23 – Carl Craig

What gig do you dream about?
No particular one. A European tour would be very cool

What cool things do you have planned for 2016 and beyond?
Working on an EP and also organizing all the works for future label agreements. We are looking to expand the party experience in 2016 for both Bushwick AV and TBA Brooklyn. Stay tuned.

Tell us about your mix…
Made it early in the morning after a very inspirational party at home. It was also my girlfriend’s birthday so it’s dedicated to her.

Drink of choice…


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Managing Editor