We are excited to add Santa Fe producer, DJ, drummer, and contributor to the scene Feathericci to our Hometown Heroes roster!

Feathericci has made an impact on his hometown by co-founding a post-rock band, D Numbers, and electronic music label, Mesa Recordings. A Santa Fe favorite, his following includes a lovely example of true music lovers. Along with his team, “Team Everything”, they have graced Santa Fe with not only some of the most fun dance parties, but have been a huge contributing factor into the making of Meow Wolf.  Love for family, friends, music, and art makes this local favorite a true Hometown Hero. Enjoy!

Download, tracklist, & interview below…



  1. Oldurot (Tontario Remix) – Olafur Arnalds
  2. Aeris – PHCK
  3. Hidden (Jon Charnis Remix) – Brian Cid
  4. Northern Lights (Kate Simko Remix) – Cantus
  5. Story At The Campfire (Be Svendsen Remix) – Noraj Cue
  6. Alexythmia (YokoO’s Revisit) – YokoO, Retza
  7. Choose – Nu, Mz Sunday Love, Christopher Schwarzwalder
  8. Prologue feat. Anne (Powel Remix) – Aparde
  9. Pressing Matters (Robag’s Pinvoldex Full NB) – The Cyclist
  10. Flash (Pachanga Boys Hippie Dance) – Slove
  11. Skies Are Crying (Emiel van den Dungen Remix) – Alessandro Diga

Interview with Feathericci

How did you get into electronic music, was there a specific moment of inspiration?
In the late 90s I was in high school and a friend played me Aphex Twin ‘Come To Daddy’ and it changed me. ‘Beaucephalus Bouncing Ball’ in particular shed light that there was more to electronic music than a huge four-on-the-floor kick drum. Warp records was a perfect gateway for the prog-rock loving teenager who would soon find love for that huge four-on-the-floor kick drum.

Tell us about the scene in Santa Fe. What makes it special?
Santa Fe a small town full of creatives in the middle of the vast southwest. This combination of being in a relatively isolated vacuum brimming with wonderful, highly participatory freaks makes for spacious soundtracks that reflect the high-desert and the responding dance-floors are colorful and expressive.

What are your plans or goals for music in 2018 and beyond?
The other day my almost-2-year old was on my lap in the studio twisting nobs and pressing pads on the sequencer. She’s been banging on my drums since she was old enough to hold the sticks. I hope making music together is something we can share our entire lives. The work I’m doing with the Meow Wolf sound team is super exciting. Thinking outside the box is great but when collaborating to make an immersive audio/visual experience with Meow Wolf there is no box. To say the least, there are some really intriguing projects in the pipeline for our upcoming exhibitions. 

Top 3 Tracks in your playlist right now…
Oldurot (Tontario Remix) – Olafur Arnalds
Pressing Matters (Robag’s Pinvoldex Full NB) – The Cyclist
Story At The Campfire (Be Svendsen Remix) – Noraj Cue

What is your dream gig?
My dream gig is intimate, 100-300 people and the venue is atypical, likely outside. I like long sets and have been enjoying playing during the day. I’ve played a lot of memorable desert and mountain parties so doing a sunrise to sunset gig on a tropical island beach sounds pretty exotic. Throw in some new and old friends, drinks in pineapples, an occasional shrimp in my mouth, a heckling parrot that perches on a brand near the dj booth, impeccable sound and a total eclipse of the sun. Only wake me from this dream after sunset, please 

Favorite Drink?


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Ana Martinez
Contributing Editor