Hailing from the Bangkok sois (that’s Thai for “alleys”), we introduce you to Dan Buri. As one of the front runners of the underground scene in Thailand, Dan has been able to bring his incredibly melodic and unique sound to festivals, clubs, and after parties all throughout the country; all while continuing to establish his ever growing fan base and staying true to his German roots. So, turn up the volume, turn down the lights, and get ready to go on a dark and melodic techno journey, with our Bangkokian Hometown Hero, Dan Buri.

Hometown Heroes: Dan Buri from Bangkok

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Interview with Dan Buri

When did you get into House Music and at what point did you decide you wanted to DJ?
I first got into electronic music when i was 18 years old. It was my friends who took me on a night out to a techno club in Germany. As soon as i entered the room and felt the atmosphere in there, i was fascinated. Open minded people, mingling, dancing and the happiness they spread caught me and dragged me into this specific vibe. I have been producing music since i am very young actually. But i started off with hip hop in the late 90’s, writing lyrics to hip hop beats and eventually started to rap. So the step towards electronic music was a big change in my life. The scene and the world of underground electronic music has affected my whole attitude, lifestyle and my understanding of music in a positive way.

You also produce music, can you tell us a bit about your creative process and any releases/projects you may have coming up?
Currently I am working on my signature sound. I have been going through different shades of house and techno in the last decade, but now i am really in the process of finding my style and want to shape sounds which reflect me and my thoughts which i have during the process of production.

Parallel to production, i am working on establishing my own record label called NEVEREST RECORDS with a collective of very creative people who have made their experiences in the electronic music scene since years. So their expertise help me a lot in this process. I am happy to call them all very close friends. So according to this my next release “HELIUM EP” will be the first release for NEVEREST Records bound to be out in digital format late May.

You’re currently training Muay Thai boxing for a DJ fight event here in Bangkok, so what’s the scoop with that?
One night, my friend and fellow DJ Zidov Akuma, who has been a professional Muay Thai Fighter for many years, came up to me with his vision of creating an event, which merges the adrenalin rush of muay thai fights with the energy of electronic music. “Rumble in the Club” was born at that moment. He approached me and asked if i want to participate. I loved the idea and agreed. Now we have 6 djs who will compete in a Muay Thai Fight on the 3rd of April at LIVE RCA Bangkok.

What other events/gigs can we see on your horizon?
With the foundation of a new label, i am definitely working on a concept for label showcases in Thailand and also around Asia for this year. If it works out well, of course i would use the connections to my home country Germany, where I would love to present the young and talented artists which Asia has to offer. One of them is definitely “DOTT” from Thailand and “SHMIX” from Russia.

Memorable gigs and Dream Gig?
There were lot of memorable gigs in the past years, but the most outstanding gig i have had was new years party and Merkaba Beach Club Koh Phangan, where i played the sunrise set. Also unforgettable was my gig at Sisyphos Berlin on a Sunday morning 9 am. Energy and vibe was insane. But the most memorable which had a big impact in the thai community was my gig at the quarry stage of wonderfruit festival 2015. A hungry crowd was going crazy to my tunes and gave me the energy of which i fed from. I harnessed it, and put it out in form of music back to the crowd. The location, the production was just top class and i could not have been happier about the outcome.

What is your go-to tune?
For me a killer track for the dance floor at the moment:
D-Nox & Beckers – Serenade ( Dr. Dru Remix )

Tell us about your mix, what was your inspiration behind it?
For this mix i have selected some of my current favorite tracks which i don’t very often play in clubs. Very deep, mystical and melodic techno. It has this touch of darkness which i absolutely love at the moment. It’s a journey through the world of atmospheres and moods, soundscapes and drum patterns. The mixing for this is meant to be very smooth and flowing into each track. I intendedly not used any effects, so the tracks can be heard as original as possible. I hope you guys enjoy it

Besides DJing, what’s your favorite local activity to do here in Bangkok?
Bangkok is a vibrant city with a lot to do. For me personally, I love sports, so there are various parks for jogging and exercising where i can switch off my mind from work and other stress. Unfortunately I don’t have that much time due to studio times and of course the workload for the upcoming label. But I love my job in every way and having fun is the main essential of my profession, so i don’t really need much more activities to do except of making music

Juany Bravo
Contributing Editor