San Juan, Puerto Rico based DJ & producer Cali Lanauze has been pumpin’ out house tracks for My Favorite Robot, with confidant Jonny Cruz; Better on Foot for Lomez; and our good friend Silky’s label, Faceless Recordings. At only 22-years-old, this Puerto Rican youngster is making waves in San Juan; working with top promoters in the country, opening up for all the upper echelon of artists that come into town; and spearheading his own night in the heart of Condando, San Juan’s liveliest neighborhood. Cali is doing more than just mixing tracks, he’s on the forefront of the house music movement in Puerto Rico and he’s going above and beyond the call of duty to awaken the scene — that’s Heroic.

Hometown Heroes: Cali Lanauze from San Juan

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Interview with Cali Lanauze:

Where and when does your journey into begin? How did you get into house music and djing?
Well basically it all started when I was around 16-years-old (6 years ago), I bought FL Studio and started making all types of music, just experimenting all around with what I could do with the software. After some time I started discovering electronic music and I’m not going to lie, I used to listen to Trance and all those kinds of things until mainly the Minimal-Minus era started coming up and that completely blew my mind! Then I started discovering artists like Carl Cox, Paul Ritch (who was making a lot of sound for that time), Marco Carola and all the usual Detroit gang (Kenny Larkin, Carl Craig, Moodymann. Etc.etc) and here I am now.  Remember I’m only 22 years old.

Tell about the scene in San Juan and Puerto Rico. Do you have any residencies?
Puerto Rico’s scene is kind of tricky, with this I mean you never know what you are going to get. Fortunately the last couple of years to now have been amazing. I joined forces with one of the main promoters on the island (Nightology PR) and right now we are on the peak doing amazing parties. We’ve seen basically everyone from the industry make a stop here and it’s been great; from Dixon to Art Department to Guy Gerber to all those guys have come and now basically people are following the movement and most importantly, they are understanding it.

Recently I started a residency in “El Barril Condado” it’s a super nice, intimate spot right in the heart of Condado (the most touristic area in San Juan) and its really coming together. I”m having special guests from my agency The Arcana Agency every month and that’s it; just good music, good people and a nice place to kick it.

You recently produced “What’s Missing EP” for Faceless Recordings; tell us how you linked up Silky and the story behind this EP.
Well that’s a nice story. I met Silky at WMC 2014 and we just basically connected. He’s one of the most humblest and kindest people in this industry and he works so hard. I remember I sent the EP to Jonny Cruz right before WMC and he passed it to Silky then when we met each other he was like, “Ohh you’re the kid that Jonny sent me his music,” and we just kicked it. It was an instant connection. Plus I’ve been following his work for quite some time so it was all kind of natural. I love Silky.

Do you have any productions in the works?
Yes! First of all I’m really excited for the “What’s Missing” EP Remix Package that is coming soon; with remixes from Kiki, Roland Appel, Clint Stewart and Silky & Barber; my second EP coming up on Rob Garza’s (Thievery Corporation) new label Magnetic Moon; I have a collab EP with Ominous (Jonny Cruz new alias with our good friend Ricardo Dominguez); and doing a collab also with LA based singer Shawni and lots and lots more.

What gig do you dream about?
Hmmm… that’s a good question. I think Womb Tokyo, Arma 17 Russia, Kiesgrube Germany or any open-air party in Berlin would be amazing.

What is go-to jam to get the ladies on the dance floor?
There’s a lot but I have to go with Franck Roger-After All (D’Julz Remix).

Tell us about your mix.
Well I wanted to start simple and relaxed then slowly build the groove and the energy up and basically keep a nice groovy and dark pace. That’s always my “motto”: Dark and Groovy.

Drink of choice.
Whiskey and NATURAL coconut.