San Francisco locals Bells & Whistles, the latest installment in our Hometown Heroes series, have been heating things up with this mix in anticipation of their Four Sweaters One Year Anniversary which will be going down this Saturday, January 11th. Featuring none other than one of the hottest acts of 2013, Detroit Swindle, who were recently ranked the #8 most charted artists of 2013 on Resident Advisor. From rocking it out in SF clubs, as residents of the notorious As You Like It, and undergrounds to laying it down in the desert at Burning Man and Desert Hearts or heating things up at SnowGlobe, the Bells & Whistles boys ALWAYS know how to set the vibe, bring the best energy, and get it going in any setting with their notoriously next level house and tech(no) sets. More than just the music they play, it’s an energy they bring to the party that keeps Bells & Whistles an all time favorite. Take a slip down the silly slide with these two goofballs …



FOURSWEATERS: 1 Year Anniversary Circus Party from William Perls on Vimeo.


Four Sweaters One Year: The Super Silly Circus Birthday Bash featuring Detroit Swindle 


1) Why the name four sweaters?

Y: It pretty much came from a drunken conversation with Christian Martin, but all in all, it means we’re gonna make you sweat 4 times a year.

Z: Way too many deep meanings to explain

2) Favorite party you’ve thrown so far?

Y: The Suol showcase was really fun! Chopstick and Johnjon are hilarious, we’re definitely bringing them back.

Z: Ya, that was really fun. Amazing energy all night.

3) Dream artist to book?

Y: Aaron Carl

Z: Larry Levan

4) Favorite part of the SF scene?

Y: The family vibe! And we have some great sound systems, plus a solid underground scene.

Z: The amount of amazing talent that’s based in, and comes through, the city. Always keeping me inspired.

5) Favorite place to party? Club, house, desert, jungle, etc?

Y: Gotta love the desert (Burning Man, Desert Hearts)!! On the other hand, we recently played in the snow at SnowGlobe and that was really cool! But to answer your question…anywhere outside during the day!!

Z: Ya, outside is always nice. Or very deep underground.

6) Favorite party you’ve ever played?

Y: Sunset Campout, Burning Man, Desert Hearts, I can’t choose just one, but the most fun I’ve ever had playing a set has to be when we opened for Maya Jane Coles at As You Like It. Straight Bananas!

Z: Yup.

7) Favorite party in SF? Other than yours of course…

Y: We’re lucky enough to be residents at As You Like It, in the past 3 years they’ve been the biggest, most influential, most innovative production company in SF and we’re proud to be part of it. Go to one of their parties and you’ll know why! But I can’t talk about partying in SF without mentioning Sunset Sound System. These guys have been doing it up big for over 20 years!! From boat parties on the bay, to weekend getaways on the river, they have you covered! Also, the new kids on the block Black Magic Disko are making some waves with their events.

Z: Agreed. Huge pleasure and honor to be part of the As You Like It parties, these parties always deliver. But once again, cool thing about SF is there are so many amazing people that throw so many incredible parties, you never really know what you might be walking into.

8) Favorite track right now?

Y: Adnan Sharif – SkyToucher (Safeword remix) [Smoke n Mirrors]

Z: Andras – What They Say [Dopeness Galore]

9) Parties you’d like to hit, artists you’d like to see in 2014?

Z: Well BPM is happening right now so I guess I’ll be missing that. Umm, Pretty excited to see what our friends at Desert Hearts have in store for their next party. This crew never ceases to amaze. Thinking about it, I got a dream party and group of artists I’d love to see in 2014, all my SF buddies that have (somewhat) recently moved to Berlin, and are all doing Splendidly with a capital S. Under one European roof, I’d like to see Alland Byallo, Kenneth Scott, Marc Smith and Clint Stewart aka SAFEWORD, Dave Aju, and da man with the plan, Kevin Knapp. Watching these guys progress in their own way, and mature as artists, is really inspiring and interesting to watch.

Y: Yeah Desert Hearts is a must at this point! But if there’s one set I want to see in 2014 it’s my friend/favorite DJ in the world (Solar) play Panorama Bar in March, but that’s a long shot

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