This week’s episode we branch out to find two Heroes combing the parties of Pune, India using their hypnotizing techno for the vibrant citizens.

Audio Glitch, consisting of CG and Machi, have spread their bold vibe in many nightclubs throughout India; and are a fixture for the Regenerate crew in Mumbai.

India is a fruitful country with a flourishing scene of dance parties, so we’re elated to be given this amazing opportunity to feature a couple warriors in the trenches.

Hometown Heroes: Audio Glitch from Pune

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Interview with Audio Glitch

How did you get into techno and DJing? Do you recall a specific moment of inspiration?
We have always been  extremely passionate about music. After a few years of listening to the most amazing artists such as Richie Hawtin and Dubfire, and attending numerous festivals and parties, we got involved with the growing scene. We met some cool people and had a go on the decks and never looked back. We always dreamt of having a platform where we could expose the crowd with our kind of music.

What’s the scene like in Pune and India in general?
Pune has one hell of a night life. Everyone knows everyone in the Pune party circuit which makes every party extremely fun. Due to the city being so cosmopolitan the exposure to good music is fairly strong which makes it the perfect place for international underground gigs.

What are your plans for Halloween this weekend?
We are extremely pumped to be playing at the ‘Halloween by the Pier‘ party this Saturday at Radio Club, Mumbai. Its going to be massive as we will be playing alongside the most amazing producers including  Russ Yallop, Greg Pidcock, and Sunju Hargun.

What we love most about the ‘By the Pier’ parties having played there before too is that everyone is there for the music and music only. The crowd, music, food and venue make it the perfect and only place you should be at this weekend.

Regenerate presents Halloween by the Pier w/ Russ Yallop & Greg Pidcock

What cool things do you have lined up the rest of 2015 and beyond?
We are currently concentrating on our music Production and hopefully by the end of this year we have some great tracks up.

Dream gig…
Playing at ADE.

Name one track that gets the dance floor poppin…
Onde de choc (Cosmic Boys Remix) — Le Son Du Placard

Tell us about your mix…
Mix of all the artists we like; such as Iry, Cosmic Boys, Sunju Hargun, and Green Monkeys.

Drink of choice…
Beer & whiskey.


Jimbo James
Managing Editor