Anna Wall has a reputation for being a hard worker and always doing what she loves. With a few summers spent on the illustrious isle of Ibiza under her belt, forthcoming music, and launching her own freelance PR firm — this London native has lots of big things on the horizon.

A veteran of the world-renowned club scenes in London, Berlin, and Ibiza, Anna has a way of taking the classic house sound and re-imagining it for today’s dance floors. Having played music on the same bill as some of the world’s hottest house and techno artists; such as Maya Jane Coles, Ellen Allien, Alex Arnout, Eats Everything, and TEED – Anna has taken this unique position and transformed it into a business opportunity, by starting her own PR firm — The Bricks PR — freelancing for labels like Needwant, Future Disco, and the newly launched Flashmob Recordings.

If gigging and PRing wasn’t enough, Anna has recently got back into music production — with her first ever track making its way onto a compilation album from 22tracks, next to other top notch artists like Soul Clap and Yooj.

Anna also takes on the hard hustling world of promoting parties. If you are in London Friday December 19th make sure to check out Anna’s new club-night WANTED at Shapes — as you are guaranteed to hear the most respectable dance music from a sample of London’s top local talent, along with other tasty acts from around the globe.

Anna is a true hustler and a certified Hometown Hero! Enjoy this mix she’s concocted for us and see what she has to say in the interview below.

Interview with Anna Wall:

How did you get started DJing and producing electronic music?

My first attempt at making music was with one yamaha keyboard and two tape decks (with difficulty!); it wasn’t really until I was a teenager that I got my hands on Cubase and then about 3 years ago when I fractured my ankle that I started making music again. For DJing, my first gig outside the bedroom was in my University town of Newcastle – my friends convinced me into playing in front of a crowd rather than just to myself and the angry neighbours…

Can you tell us a little about the scene right now in London?

Well, I’ve been away a while! I was living in Berlin and Ibiza so it’s been really nice for me to re-connect with my Hometown since moving back. There’s always been a lot going on here, it was amazing place to grow up in terms of nightlife and I feel like I’m in honeymoon period again with the city. I’ve also been asked to help curate a new club-night at Shapes, Hackney Wick alongside some other respectable London DJs – Coco Cole and Lorelle. The party is called WANTED and our first is the 19th December…just in time for Christmas so we’re looking forward to a bit of a knees up!

How has having a residency in Ibiza effected your taste in music?

Playing daytime parties in Ibiza I found myself more inclined to play tracks with melody lines and groove, and also a lot of classic house records – a fun opportunity to pull some old favourites out the bag!

Can you tell us about your latest releases?

My latest release (and actually the first track I ever made!) came out on a 22Tracks compilation for the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE).

And some collaborations I started working on over the summer are nearing completion now which I’m very excited about.

What are some of your favorite producers/labels right now?

Well, too many to mention! I love everything on labels such as Rush Hour, Fear Of Flying, Smallville, Freerange…the list goes on. I also have a slight obsession with Canada’s Iron Galaxy – for me everything he touches turns to gold.

Do you have any advice someone who is an aspiring DJs?

If you’ve got the passion and drive for something, and that goes for anything in life, I’d say take a few risks and don’t let anything stop you.

What does 2015 have in store for you?

I always live my life for the moment, and that’s the way I like it! I’ve been travelling a lot, and I imagine that won’t stop. I’ve had more time to spend on making music, as well as working on my own music PR company; so lots of exciting projects that will roll into next year. Either way, I’m excited and I’m looking forward to seeing what next year has in store for me.

Tell us about your mix.

I had loads of fun track selecting for this! I wanted to make a mix which reflected a lot of my different influences. When I was younger I was really into hip hop, especially acts that were from the UK – so the introduction is actually taken from one of my favourite albums ‘Masquerades and Silhouettes’ by Lewis Parker which came out in 1998. I also wanted to include some of the artists I was interested in around the time I started visiting Berlin such as Kassem Mosse. Some are new releases, and some are classics that are still just as relevant today such as Kenlou’s ‘The Bounce’. The second to last track is a sneaky preview of a remix I’m working on of Leeds-based act Paris XY, called ‘The Trial’ which should be finished by early next year.

Drink of choice…

Since living in Spain over the summer I’ve become very accustomed to a glass (or few) of red wine especially Rioja. When I’m playing, I’m not fussy I’m happy with a beer!