Head of Gooseneck Records, Alistair Gillespie has been DJing for almost 10 years now. Currently based out of São Paulo having released music on his own and other labels over the years, always keeping the roots of house music as the main origin of his sets and productions.

A variety of influences set about his background are present in his sounds ranging from house, deep, indie to disco and techno.
Started performing at venues and clubs in 2006, which allowed him to land residencies and gigs at well respected venues throughout Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru which included Crobar Buenos Aires, Rumi, Mint and ChaCha among others, and alongside artists that include Seth Troxler and Jimmy Van M.

Interview with Alistair Gillespie:

Where are you from and what are your musical upbringings?
Trick question for the first part… originally born in Rio de Janeiro, raised in Buenos Aires to Scottish Peruvian parents and currently living in Sao Paulo, so would say Im torn a bit between all those. As for musical upbringings my first cd came as a gift from my mom when i was around 9 years old — Michael Jackson : Thriller — then my dad was also a big fan of Dizzy Gillespie (no direct family association btw), and I think that was a moment when i started looking for different styles of music, trying not to get bored and already paving the way for my interest in electronic music, combining jazz with disco and pop..it went pretty much everywhere from there, from things like beastie boys and dmx to classic or punk rock where everything from led zepellin to korn or nofx cds and cassettes would go in sessions of just spacing out in my room as a teenager listening to music for endless hours.
Can you tell us how you got mixed up in this crazy world of electronic music?
I have always been interested in music, researching and trying to find new things that would spark my interest…but I would say I got mixed in this crazy world when I started clubbing at the age of 15, back in the year 2001 in Buenos Aires…the city was booming and local artists like Hernan Cattaneo were getting international recognition which reflected on the scene as there were many parties, clubs and events. This eventually lead to wanting to learn more and more about this “new world” at the time… getting involved with local djs, collaborating, first throwing our own house parties which with time progressed into small bars and eventually the opportunity to play in clubs around Buenos Aires.
Can you tell us a little about the city you live in now and the scene there? 
Sao Paulo is a very interesting city once you get to know it, with lots to offer, specially for the arts and culture. Its one of those places that you don’t really appreciate until you actually live or spend a fair amount of time there. At first glance, it may seem chaotic and hard to get around, definitely not a touristy place…but once you get to see everything it has to offer and discover its hidden spots… it can be one of the most interesting places out there. With that said, the scene in Sao Paulo and Brazil in general is huge… at least for the house genre with venues such as D-Edge or Warung that continue to dominate. Aside from that there are also many underground parties at random locations, and there is a market for it, electronic music is really appreciated here and I can only picture it to keep growing.
You are the head of Gooseneck Records, Can you tell us a little about your label and what you plan to achieve with it?
I started Gooseneck back in 2011, had been djing and involved with the scene since 2004, and noticed there were many artists I knew, friends mostly, that did not have space to release their music…thats basically how it all started, releasing music from friends and contacts I made over the years…the perfect example is our first release from JP Bruna with whom we had been exchanging music and collaborating prior to deciding to start Gooseneck…I guess starting a label was just the culmination of all that. The main goal continues to be the same, releasing music from artists I like, keeping open to genres and not limiting to a particular sound as long as its something I like and goes with the labels direction… although always keeping the roots of house music.
Can you tell us the most difficult parts in running your own label?
Coordinating everything to be set in place at the same time…there are many little bits and pieces that may not seem as important but can bring it headaches to have a release come out at the right time…getting remixers to deliver at the right time, so tracks can be sent out to mastering, follow up with distributors, all are details that have to be planned out accordingly…maybe not difficult but definitely tedious. Well on second thought, maybe the most difficult part is to stand out on charts and sales of the current ocean of tracks that the scene has hehe…still working on getting an effective formula for that
Who would be your dream remixers for your label?
Jozif, Tennis
What advice would you give to producers sending you music? 
Focus on your own style and what defines you, it´s not bad that producers may want to make a new track thinking of a label and trying to go for that sound, but what we really want to see if what defines you musically…at the end of the day if its good, labels will eventually pick it up and make that shift for the artist rather than the other way around.
Who are some of your favorite producers/labels right now?
Producers:  Silky, Manuel Tur, Lake People
Labels: Kindisch, Oslo, Ostgut Ton, Suara
Can you tell us s little about this mix? 
Its made up with recent tracks Ive been listening to and one or two that I enjoy the most from Gooseneck. However going back to a more melodic or “spacey” house, which is what originally got me into electronic music…I feel that style adapts better to a mix and one you can just sit back and listen to … telling a story, give it some sort of direction and take your listeners through a journey.
What do you have planned for 2015? 
Getting more and more involved with the local scene in Sao Paulo and begin to host label showcases for Gooseneck as well as a series of “MBR” parties we recently began with friends here and Eduardo Castillo as our first guest dj. I was well involved with the scene when I lived in Buenos Aires with residencies etc and it took a while to readjust to Sao Paulo, but now hoping 2015 will be the year to complete the transition and host more events here.