ADEMARR is a project whose essence is born from Techno and Indie, whose mix of synthesizers and percussions takes you on a journey of acid, spatial and groovy sounds, which are infallible when it comes to making the dancefloor vibrate.

Resident and Owner from the legendary eletronic music CLUB 20.12 and AZOTEA 20.12 in Merida, Yucatan, Mx.



  1. GuyD – Magnetic (Original Mix)
  2. Rodion, Local Suicide & Alibey – True Love Floats (Original Version)
  3. Darlyn Vlys – Provocador (Original Mix)
  4. Renuna – Quevosqueyo (Lucare Remix)
  5. Sex Kino – Scream In The City (Cabizbajo Remix)
  6. Blaktone – Dirty Ana (Original Mix)
  7. Out Of Orbit Shpongle – No Disco (Red Axes Remix)
  8. Pvlomo , Ximena – Clikita (Alvee Remix)
  9. Fabio Me Llaman Soltero – Beso Tenebroso (Original Mix)
  10. WhoMadeWho & Michael Mayer – Hamstring (Original Mix)


Turn it up & enjoy!