Emerging electronic producer Hologramme delivers his first single and music video of the new year. His latest single “DREAM” expands on both his electronica and atmospherically driven sound with the accompanying music video directed by Alexis Belhumeur​, setting the release apart from his previous works. Incorporating a gritty, stylized and spirited human storyline on Montréal’s alternative youth culture with strong art direction, “DREAM” is an illustrative detour from his previously visually centered clips, further setting the tone for new and exciting applications for his productions.

Symbolizing a new beginning, the veil we lift on the past that shows us something we thought to be dead, compassion, kindness, and love, the release is home to the core tenants of Hologramme’s signature sound. Contemplative and euphoric, the song delivers the warm nostalgia Hologramme has become known for, though “DREAM” sees the artist take us under neon lights with a strong and anthemic chorus, mixed with power, strength, and ferocity which flows into this anthemic and unifying tale.

With the visual universe playing a key role in his artistic identity, Hologramme recently expanded his creative team with the arrival of director Alexis Belhumeur, who has penned the artist’s brand new music video. The visual direction is comprised of a contemplative and naive beauty that highlights a youth who seeks human warmth, celebration and liberty. If this dystopia acts as a balm in this uncertain period, it is with certainty that Société Holographique de Montréal promises us a busy year in which music will serve as human warmth.