What do we love most about summer? All day pool parties, beach days with friends, excessive amounts of skin being flaunted….and summer compilations of course!! The gents over at Hive Audio must feel the same way, because they have put together 9 tracks absolutely dripping with summer love.

Summer Slices ’ comes to us with an impressive ensemble of artists, with jams from the likes of Animal Trainer, Stefan Z, Thomas Gandey and more. But don’t get misled by the colorful album art, there are some deep and dirty tracks on this that are better left for when the lights go out.


ARTIST: Animal TrainerThomas GandeyDenehaFabio AureaKonig BalthasarManuel MorenoManuelle MusikSteffen SonnenscheinPablo EinzigPR3SNTStefan Z
RELEASE DATE: 2015-08-10
LABEL: Hive Audio

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