Hippie Sabotage ignites their electrifying next chapter with the release of their anthemic, gritty new single “I Dont Care” via Independent. The song, written and produced by the California electronic psych-rock brother duo, released on January 24th. In “I Dont Care,” Hippie Sabotage brings fuzzy grunge and bluesy southern rock textures to their stadium-ready, hip-hop-inspired beats, amplifying their sound to the next level. Hippie Sabotage shares it is “about embracing your failures and not caring what comes next.” 

Alongside their new music, the brothers will embark on their upcoming nationwide Trailblazer Tour on April 8th, beginning in Nashville, TN. With stops in multiple major cities and a 4/20 hometown show in Los Angeles, Hippie Sabotage will bring their heady mix of hip-hop and rock to audiences throughout the US. 

Made up of brothers Kevin & Jeff Saurer, Hippie Sabotage got their start as bedroom producers in middle school after obsessing over the music used in their favorite skateboarding videos. Evolving their sound over the years, which is rooted in electronic music, the duo takes cues from hip hop, psych rock, and chill wave, all pulled together by Jeff’s killer guitar skills and Kevin’s explosive personality on stage. In 2014, Hippie Sabotage skyrocketed to #1 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart after releasing their remix of Tove Lo’s ‘Habits (Stay High)’, which has surpassed over 1 Billion streams across DSPs. 

At the end of 2020, Hippie Sabotage released their debut LP Red Moon Rising, to much excitement from fans. Created with their fans in mind during the intense wave of COVID-19, the album flows with recurring themes of overcoming adversity. With their sophomore album Floating Palace, Hippie Sabotage exudes confidence and growth in their music, while staying true to the fans that have followed their journey to this moment. Their upcoming Trailblazer Tour and new music mark another step forward for Hippie Sabotage, who continue to hone their authenticity through their distinctive sound that fuses the brothers’ varied musical influences of rock and hip hop.