[New Release]  With so many new record labels emerging lately it’s hard to find the  cream of the crop.  Newly formed record label Cream Couture is just that, however, a top shelf record label that is releasing some serious quality tunes.  For their sophomore release they get new artist Him_Self_Her who deliver with this brilliant EP of all original material that will surely put both these guys, and the label, on the map.

The title song, ‘Gone Too Long,’ is a wonderfully groovy track with a funky bass line, banging beats, and a vocal sample that is, to put it simply, boss.  ‘Calling’ is another sublime track with its stellar use of vocals, bouncy bass line, and beautiful, thoughtful arrangement.  ‘Three Minutes’ is another monster of a jam with its lurid tones, stabbing keys, and dashing feel.  The final track off this release ‘Think of You’ is a great finish to this release with its sexy vocals and grooving bass line.

Overall this is an excellent record.  Cream Couture are showing that they can release amazing music, and find it from new and up and coming artists.  This is a great first release for Him_Self_Her, and I can’t wait to see what more these two will produce.




Artist:  Him Self Her
Title:  Gone Too Long
Label:  Cream Couture Records
Catalog No.:  CCR002


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