Italian artist, Hilal teams up with record label, Saturno Sounds for the launch of his four track EP titled Yallah. Inspired by a trip to Egypt, this electronic EP features synths, pads and arpeggiators. We had a chance to catch up with Hilal and find out his favourite studio items and dive deeper into the tools he uses to make the magic happen.


The Yamaha CS2x is a sample-based synthesizer manufactured in 1999 and is designed for real-time control of sounds and patches.

I’m very attached to him because he always knows how to satisfy my search for arpeggios and sounds that combine the rhythmic component that characterizes my productions with that pinch of melody, the supreme arpeggiator.

2 – ROLAND MC-909

The Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox, discontinued for a few years, combines the characteristics of a synthesizer, sequencer and sampler, with extensive practical control of both the sound engine and the sequencing flow.

I love it for creating drum grooves or bass lines and having fun with the d-beam sensors to filter or play with the assigned effects.


I love my percussion set (there are also two harmonics), I try to enrich it with objects that surround me such as glasses or pots, maybe cutlery.

Percussion is suggestive and ancestral process. Although the sound comes from beating, rubbing or shaking, with or without the aid of sticks, I prefer sample and rework them to create original and magical sound textures.


The SD-1 comes from a long line of Ensoniq’s evolving TransewaveTM wavetable digital synthesizers and I love it for its pads and synths. It fully embodies the sound and colors of the music of my childhood, I often use it to create suggestive and deep atmospheres in my music. 

I believe it’s essential look for sounds that remind us our past, so we can create a new future.

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