German duo, Hanne & Lore, recently hit their 10 year mark running their Berlin-based label, Heulsuse. Over the years the label has featured a bevy of top-notch artists such as Andhim, Tube & Berger, ZDS, Kevin Over, Ramon Tapia, Oliver Schories, and of course Hanne & Lore, themselves.

We’ve been fans of Hanne & Lore and Heulsuse for awhile now so excited to feature their deep and playful tunes from the label on our Label Lovers series. Enjoy!

Download and tracklist below…


Hanne & Lore – Blah
Remcord – Vula
Norman Zube – Matter (Dirty Doering & Sascha Cawa Remix)
Hanne & Lore – Chateau de Krawall (Andhim Remix)
Norman Zube – Marmalada
Remcord – Saed (Ramon Tapia Remix)
Hanne & Lore – Malena (ZDS Remix)
Mirco Niemeier & Tony Casanova – Laika
Einsauszwei – Fuse
What Ever – KNTRL
Hanne & Lore – Samba Oleg (The Glitz Remix)
Martin Waslewski – Noba
T.M.A. & Idaam – Wendal
What Ever – BLLS (Madmotormiquel Remix)
Mirco Niemeier & Tony Casanova – Gordo
Einsauszwei – Flatland
Hanne & Lore – Samara
Oscar Ozz – Bromhilde
Hanne & Lore – Überall (Oliver Schories Remix)


– jams
Jimbo James