Fresh off the back of his release on Manchesters Ad Hoc Records we caught up with Hermanito to jump further into his unique sound.
Hi Hermanito, it is great to have the chance to speak with you today, for anyone who is yet to hear from you can you tell us a bit about yourself and the music you make?
I’m a producer from the UK currently living in Mexico. My music takes inspiration from diverse experiences and musical influences, and sits in the more chilled and experimental end of sample-based electronic music.
How did you first get into producing?
I come from a musical family, and have written music since I was very young, but only got into electronic production in a serious way around 2017. After learning several instruments and trying to break out with several bands and groups, this was a way that I could express myself individually and on my own terms, and really allow my musical taste and personality to shine through.
Would you say your sound has evolved much over the years?
I think my sound is evolving all the time, as I encounter new influences and gradually become more competent at the technical side of production. Ultimately I feel that with each release I am taking another step towards expressing myself in a way that only I can, but it’s a long creative journey, which I’m documenting in everything I release.
You release a lot on Ad Hoc Records, how did this relationship form?
After self-releasing a four track EP on Soundcloud in 2018 of my first productions as Hermanito, I began to seek out labels in Manchester, where I was living at the time. Dave from Ad Hoc was quick to respond to the demos of my 2019 Romance EP, and we’ve had a great relationship ever since.
Ocaso was the latest offering on this label, what is the story behind this EP?
As I mentioned, I recently moved to Latin America. This EP is special because the tracks were born in the UK but finished in Ecuador. The extent to which this transition is reflected in the sound is subjective, but to me the EP definitely marks a turning point in my life and my journey as a producer.
Do you have a favourite from the collection?
‘Aguita’ was a very fun track to make, and is probably the most poppy thing I have released, or will do. But I find myself listening to ‘Murmurations’ most from the EP, which I feel represents a real step in my production skills and overall development of my sound.
Are you more of a hardware head over software? If so what would you say would be the piece of kit you couldn’t live without in the studio?
Until recently I’ve used almost exclusively software, a true laptop warrior. However, I’ve recently purchased a Strymon Capistan tape delay emulation pedal, which I’m having a lot of fun with as an outboard effect.
What more can we expect to hear from you this year?
I am currently finalising an EP which I hope to release later this year on a Mexican label. Watch this space…
Pick up a copy of Hermanito’s latest EP here.