The maestro Henry Saiz brings us his latest masterpiece coming from his own Spanish label Natura Sonoris, delivering what has been a weapon in his secret arsenal for some time now. Anyone who was lucky enough to attend our recent Star Wars Boat Party featuring Mr. Saiz knows that the force is strong in absolutely everything he lays his hands on. 

Secrets ‘ is an enchanting track, reminiscent of mid 80’s electronica, incorporating robotic vocals and spacey synths drifting overhead. You can almost visualize the room filling up with fog while neon lights flash sporadically as the track plays out. Brassica has his hand at not one but two remixes, thickening up the bottom end while adding sharp melodic stabs to the top for his original remix, while kicking the percussion up a notch to please your dancing shoes with his club remix. 


Artist: BrassicaHenry Saiz
Release Date: 2015-02-15
Label: Natura Sonoris