Electro-pop hit DJ Hayden James has graced us once again with the official drop of his new collaboration single “Rather Be With You” featuring fellow Australian electronic duo Crooked Colours. This new dance track is a sure fire hit and will get all you party people on your feet and moving in the first few seconds of the beat.

This new project comes to us just a short while after the release of James’, Nat Dunn and Gorgon City’s track “Foolproof” in late April, and although that means this newer release has a lot to live up to, all expectations have been completely smashed!

It wouldn’t be a Hayden James song without his beloved use of hi hats and synth risers, but paired with the uniquely raspy vocals of Crooked Colours’ own Phil Slabber, this collaboration has reached an all time high. A smooth alliance between each Dj’s own unique sound, this song takes us straight up to that rooftop party you will undoubtedly be hearing it blare from for the remainder of these warm summer months. 

James himself has expressed high satisfaction with this track stating:

It was epic to have worked with Phil from ‘Crooked Colours’. His tone is unique and to be able to bring his vibe into my world made for a great match. ‘Rather Be With You’ is a heavier, more energetic song that explodes at moments but also continues to chug along with a strong bass / percussive groove. I’m really pumped to release this record and hopefully play it out very soon!”

Lucky for us all, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch this single live between the busy touring schedules of both Hayden James and Crooked Colours respectively. In the meantime, show some support and get to downloading their new single – now available to stream on all platforms.