Next up on Saved, rising star Harvard Bass drops two bass-driven cuts on his “Relocation EP.” Channeling both the charismatic flavor of his home country’s underground electronic scene with the traditions of US house, the San Diego based producer charts an amalgamation of both cultures over two upfront tracks. The funky, tribal-like drums that ignite “That’s Me” set the rhythmical structures that underpin the track into motion straight away. Before long, a deep, tumbling bassline joins the fun, injecting an intoxicating groove that rides out for the duration. The way the percussion rebounds off the groove creates an infectious swing, which oscillates beneath the FX-strewn vocals, repeating with mechanical stamina. “Get Got!” is less intense, settling into a slower, more laidback groove courtesy of a simple but addictive bassline. Chopped up, metallic sounding percussion adds an unusual and distinctive sense of rhythm that continues to build throughout, pulling you ever closer into the grips of the percolating, fluid bottom end.


Artist:  Harvard Bass
Title:  Relocation EP
Label:  Saved Records
Catalog No.:  SAVED123