Today, house heavyweight Harry Romero and female producer/DJ HoneyLuv team up for ‘Inside My Mind’ out now via Bambossa Records.

A brilliant collaboration between a house music legend and rising new face of house music, ‘Inside My Mind’ is a dark and groovy original showing all that Harry Romero and HoneyLuv have to offer. Featuring both artists trading off on vocals, ‘In My Mind’ bursts with electrifying synth stabs and crisp percussion for an energetic tech-heavy flow. A sleek and rhythmic earworm perfect for any dancefloor, ‘In My Mind’ is a testament to the powerful force of these two producers. ‘In My Mind’ follows Harry Romero’s official remix of HoneyLuv’s Black Book Records hit single ‘365’ last year. 

Regarding the collaboration, Harry Romero said, “This has been crushing the dance floors since HoneyLuv and I finished the collab. It represents everything I love about house music – beats, cool vocals, and an arrangement that simply just works.”

HoneyLuv added, “It’s truly an honor to have a record with someone like Harry whose music I absolutely love and play in almost every set. For me to be able to mesh our worlds together is a dream come true in my book. The song is definitely on the darker, deeper side, which is the avenue of music I’ve been producing lately. I’m excited to introduce my listeners to that side of my sound.”

‘Inside My Mind’ arrives ahead of HoneyLuv and Harry Romero’s upcoming B2B set during Miami Music Week at Chris Lake’s Black Book Records Showcase on March 24th.