The eternal argument – is black or white truly a color? In the visible spectrum, it is said that white is a fusion of all colors. Well, while white may certainly be light on the eyes, Hans Thalau’s latest release is heavily saturated with those boldly vibrant sounds.

Covering four shades across the spectrum, Hans brings us the lightest shade of his much anticipated Colour series, White EP, out on his very own Thal Communications imprint. Highly respected for his House, Techno and Soul productions, he has produced for the likes of Chicago’s Fresh Meat, Ferox, Deep Data and Trenton, as well as remix action by Milton Jackson and Rene Breitbarth and collaborations with Russ Gabriel, Matthias Vogt and Afrilounge.

Reminiscent of that nostalgic R&B sound, “White AA” boasts some deep and sexy late night jams that’ll seriously get you movin’. “White BB” continues with those utterly soulful vocals and looming bass, while “White CC” channels those wonderfully loungey vibes. “White DD” brilliantly wraps up the EP with a low, steady bassline and delightfuly infectious tribal drums.

If white indeed contains all colors across the spectrum, this EP is a lovely blend of all frequencies, providing a real treat for our eardrums.


Artist: Hans Thalau
Release Date: 2016-05-23
Label: Thal Communications
Catalog No.: THAL029

Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor