Introducing his new alias with a bang, Lucas Nord launches his Hans Göran moniker with the 90’s-house inspired single ‘Gang.’ Moving towards a more underground sound than his production for Moodshift, Nord uses rave synth stabs and G house vocals over a timeless four-on-the-floor rhythm to craft a warm weather party-starter. ‘Gang’ is the first of several singles building towards the full ‘A Summer With Hans Göran’ EP due out August 2021. ‘Gang’ is out now via Lucas Nord’s own label Bisous. 

With Moodshift, Lucas Nord is known for producing the trio’s irresistible pop-dance crossover sound, with tinges of deep and tech influences dispersed throughout.  On the first taste of his side project Hans Göran, it’s clear Nord’s roots for the underground scene run deep. ‘Gang’ calls on several tropes from the golden age of house music to make an immediately lovable rave single while modernizing the sound to stand out from the contemporary scene. As strings and synth stabs dance over the drum machine inspired groove, a pitched down and garbled vocal keeps the single’s momentum moving forward. ‘Gang’ not only highlights Nord’s versatility, but shows that the classic sound that started it all will never die. 

‘This project started just by me making fun dance tunes with absolutely no plan at all. I just made whatever came naturally to me with zero pressure from anyone or anything. All of a sudden I had a bunch of tracks I really liked that reflected that. It’s just fun and I love making them. With 2020 being what it was and now going into the future I hope ‘A Summer With Hans Göran’ can bring some fun to other people too.’   – Hans Göran