We have been lucky enough to catch up with Hamoon & Amiralee and Nima Sarshar in light of their recent release on Spanish label – Terranova Records. Check it out as we discover more about the guys, the scene in Iran and much, much more…

Hi guys, how is it going? Congratulations on the “Mass Effect” release on Terranova Records, we love it.

Hi, we are well, thanks to the Music is 4 Lovers team for this interview.

So, how did you all meet? And when was it you realised you wanted to work together within music?

We met eachother on social networks when we were in highschool, at that moment we had the same vision that nobody else does around us so we just started working.

What was the process of producing the track? Are you working all in the same studio? Or remotely? 

Each of us lives in a different and distant city and this has caused us to work together virtually and remotely, but in the near future we will prepare our own official studio. In the case of making tracks, we start building completely free and without a prior plan, and this motivation to start and the idea of work could be anything, it is enough to be behind the system at the right time.

How did the release end up landing on Terranova? We actually also love your remix on the last EP as well guys.

We are very happy and thankful that you liked our remix and we are proud of it. Well, in fact, Axel Valley, the founder of the Terranova label, was kind enough to offer us to collaborate and release music on the label. We gladly accepted the offer and it brought us great results. In general, we are very happy and satisfied with the cooperation with Terranova. This label will definitely have a bright future on the scene.

Can you tell us a little bit about the scene in Iran? Would you say your native country influences the sound in your productions?

In recent years, the popularity of electronic music in Iran has increased and new talents are emerging that are working in different styles, but there are many problems that we face, such as the illegality of clubs, blocked financial communication channels such as Paypal, filtering of some sites that we use VPN to use, internet speed problems and finally economic problems and … If I want to summarize the situation is against us, but we are overcoming this situation. We have had many Iranian artists who have immigrated to European countries and the United States and are very successful, but what we want to tell you is that we are inside Iran and we are progressing and achieving in this way. Of course, we have to thank all the labels. And people who support us abroad and believe in our music, if it were not for them we would not be able to be seen. We have great Iranian artists in the international electronic music scene that you definitely know.

Yes sure. In some of our music, we tried to use Persian instruments and songs, which were welcomed. Combining Iranian space with electronic music creates an interesting atmosphere, for example, combining melodic spaces with Iranian instruments such as tar, setar, kamancheh, daf, etc. brings a very interesting concoction.

Do you think you will collaborate again in the future?

Almost everything we have done so far has been with the cooperation of all three of us and I think this cooperation will continue forever. There is a sense of brotherhood between us that we all strive for success to be able to show our art and ability to the world.

What are your plans for the rest of the year guys? Releases? Gigs?

As we said, it is not possible for us to perform at the moment unless we can do it abroad, but we have prepared many tracks for release, which we are currently submitting them. For now most of our activity is in the music that we will release in the future. But who knows… Maybe we have reached the stage of performance.

Can you all give us a ‘closing track’ to round off the interview?

Frankey & Sandrino – Green Leaf

Buy “Mass Effect” Now – https://www.beatport.com/release/mass-effect/3462500

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