Since 2006 H.O.S.H. has been working with Diynamic music and raging out dance floors all over the world. Now he is diving further into his career and releasing his first solo EP End of Chapter on My Favorite Robot Records (MFR). This is his first collaboration with MFR and both are fired up about the amazing collusion. H.O.S.H stated “When it comes to producing, making music for me is like cooking – the meal / track gets better the more love you put in.”  When you listen to the EP you can definitely taste the goodness that was put into the sounds.

“Meloman” is a melodic drum directed track that will tweak the speakers with some high pitched keys and a tantalizing drop. “Aire” is beautifully ambitious. It’s piano melody that is blissful, yet still fierce on the pads. “Libre” brings that feeling of freedom and intricately weaves in and out of glittering melodies and tottering beats. Each of these tracks will bring the sparkle in the audience’s eyes. The melodies just sing right out of H.O.S.H.’s heart.


Artist: H.O.S.H
Release Date:
Label: My Favorite Robot Records
Label:Catalog No: MFR143

H.O.S.H – End of Chapter

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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor