Free-spirited, extraordinary wanderers living by the sun, loving by the moon- we begin this year by embracing our inner gypsies and dwelling amongst the intimate community of musical seekers we have so consciously built together.  Usually concealed in darkness, dancing through the night and letting the beats lift the day, a new venture is upon us as we invite the stars together and appreciate the pink sky as the golden sun sets at our home away from home, Voodoo XL.

Introducing this beautiful undertaking is the lovely and talented Miss Francesca Lombardo, whose melodic flair and stylistic elegance guarantees a memorable experience and immaculate beginning to such a sublime undertaking.

So, let’s experiment with our creative spirits and meet one another under a different hue; let’s appreciate the luminous day and take a moment to reflect on the opulence of the natural world and its potential to uplift and inspire…and stay tuned, because we hear that Swedish maestro Axel Boman and beat weaver Francis Harris will be enchanting the space next month and we look forward to welcoming them with open arms.  See you on the dancefloor <3

“This is going to be priceless.”