We are super thrilled to introduce Groove Armada’s latest release ‘Stairwell Felony’ on Get Physical Music! A 4 track EP with that classic Groove Armada feeling. Blending true Deep House vibes with an old school touch, the duo creates an instant classic. ‘Rescue Me’ – a hypnotic, soul encrusted groove with the rough edged sound of the original warehouses. ‘Highway 101’ features an addictive vocal that repeats itself but never gets old. It builds with sublime tones until it hits the break and then rises even higher. Finally, ‘Nothing But Love’ – a 3am jam, hanging off the high string, punctuated by raw soul and laid on a velvet edged sub bass. The dub goes even more late night. Strictly for groovers.


Artist:  Groove Armada
Title:  Stairwell Felonies
Label:  Get Physical Music
Catalog No.:  GPM279