Gorgon City have fiercely launched their way to fame since 2012 and only continue to rise.  Known as a prominent force within the electronic music community, the UK duo takes us on an exhilarating ride with their latest EP, yet this time takes things a little harder. Now infusing their signature sound with some of that lovely underground flavor, the boys branch out from their familiar Black Butter grounds, becoming a welcome addition to Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels imprint.

Consistently topping Beatport charts and producing dance floor worthy material, Matt and Kye deliver nothing but fire with their latest EP, Money. Booming with energetic beats, funky vocals and explosive bass, “Money” reigns supreme in transporting you to pure booty-shaking territory.  David Morales provides a much more ominous, atmospheric treatment with his remix, while Riva Starr brings the track back to its raw, groove-laden roots.  Keeping the vibes high and bodies moving, Gorgon brilliantly wraps things up with an upbeat, effervescent deep house track, “Aries.”

Shattering confinement to genres, yet lending mass appeal, this EP proves that Gorgon City has the keen ability to captivate a wide audience; continuously pushing boundaries with an eclectic range of sounds, illustrating that they truly are a master of their craft.


Artist: Gorgon City
Release Date: 2016-05-13
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Catalog No.: CRM159

Gorgon City – Money

Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor