The mysterious and enigmatic new talent that is VOLÍA emerges from the shadows her debut release Go To Back. Using her genre-bending influences that span from country to country, north to south and earth to space,  VOLÍA looks to change your perception on euphoric club music. 


Packing as much underground appeal as it does technical expertise, Go To Back features pulsating synths and a weighty bass line. Add a hypnotic warped hook and VOLÍA’s extraterrestrial sounds are poised to have a hold over the dancefloors of warehouses and clubs alike. 


Encompassing the epitome of her sound, VOLÍA is heavy and excessive in both production, sound and fashion. Establishing herself with the use of bassy climaxes and plenty of  hedonistic elements, she is set to allere listeners in. 


VOLÍA has come out strong with this debut single, and although the artist’s identity will cease to remain anonymous, if this pace keeps up the mysterious masked producer will inevitably propell to the top of the underground world. 


VOLÍA Go To Back  is out now via VOL-UME