Debut LP exposes their deep-rooted foundations in song composition and writing, building on their years of experience
Artist: GHEIST
Title: Egos
Label: Radau Music
Release Date: 05/11
Shortly before the release of their Album “Zukunft“, GHEIST allows us another glimpse into their world by giving us the next single “Egos“, which will be available on November the 5th. The full LP will be revealed to the world on November the 19th via their own imprint Radau Music.
“Egos“ ads another color to the picture drawn so far, as GHEIST takes us on a journey even more song-driven compared to what we’ve heard so far. The trio once more draws our attention on their highly emotional production driven by beautifully crafted synthesizers and diversified arrangements that go hand in hand with an outstanding and exciting vocal.
“You can’t take the sunshine of my face“ a quote that perfectly describes how we feel, as it shows our ongoing optimism on one side but also implies an existing struggle that drives us to be better as musicians and human beings, which helps us to gain perspective on our lives.  – GHEIST  
As the release of their long-awaited LP moves closer, GHEIST once more allows us a deeper look into their creative outcome. With roots deeply connected to composition and writing, GHEIST delicately crafts heartwarming and very honest songs and create an instant feeling. While overcoming the last 18 months the trio allowed themselves to reinvent their perspective on music creation, which makes the title of this single even more fitting and ads a very interesting ambiguity and meaningfulness to the song. “Egos“ is a perfect example of the variety we can expect when it comes to the album as such.
With songs composed on a piano and translated into detailed and ambitious electronic music productions GHEIST not only aim for an exciting club music experience but also give us the opportunity to listen their music at home.
GHEIST’s album title ‘Zukunft’ translates from German as ‘Future’, one which the trio continues to look towards with collective optimism. Their long affinity with song writing and composition has defined their process of crafting powerful electronic music; each song a story, a feeling or a moment that has been experienced by all. Now as clubs, festivals and events return, GHEIST are excited to be able to share their work with the world once again.