An identity carried with immersive moments, for listeners who enjoy traveling through inspiring sound waves. If we were to summarize the signature of The Primitive Soul, this could be a description that synthesizes quite well what the duo seeks to present.

Formed by Lucas Bittencourt and Ricky Raimundi in 2015, the project took direct references from Warung Beach Club, an iconic Brazilian club, and took root in the Melodic Techno spheres, with opening to the nuances of Progressive and Deep House, always paying attention to atmospheric and melodic details that make up their identity.

After great releases by Kaligo Records and Urban Soul, The Primitive Soul now presents the newest single of their trajectory, entitled “The Other Side”.

Working on a growing narrative that develops over the minutes, the strategically positioned melodic elements add up to a puzzle of sensations, combining density, movement, power and grooves that are under the command of the movement of the main synths.

In an anesthetic and at the same time hypnotic dance, The Other Side reflects quite well the sound essence of The Primitive Soul and shows the great moment of the duo in the studio:

Written by Ágatha Prado