Hypercolour wasn’t fooling around on April Fool’s Day when they released Gary Gritness’s The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol. 1. You can really escape into the tracks in this EP. Like most of their releases, these tracks are a sweet refreshment of sounds. It’s like they are “Preachin’ Some Tight Game” into the industry.

The starting track is wicked with funky, whistling melodies. It’s fresh and crisp for those speakers. “Stayin’ Strong Hand” is where Gritness shows the grit inside him. Its deliciously dark and fragrant to the ear. “Working Girls” werks the grooves! “Fly Shit” is a sweet seduction with a solo flute flying on top of a fresh new beat.

The whole EP is full of charming melodies and dazzling bass lines.

Artist: Gary Gritness
Release Date:
Label: Hypercolour
Catalog No: HYPE051D

Gary Gritness – The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol. 1


Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor