One of our favorite International parties, The Gardens of Babylon, is set to launch its record label with the release of their first VA Compilation called ‘The Monastery’. ‘The Monastery’ is inspired by their eponymous festival, which is happening July 25-29 in  Goch, Germany. It is a reflection of a Monastery day with tracks created by celebrated musicians such as Oliver Koletzki, Audiofly, Britta Unders as well as the more upcoming talents like Parallells that are on the line up.

The record label marks a new chapter for The Gardens of Babylon that up until this day has been spreading only events over the globe. “Our record label is to connect the musicians that are close to our shows. From the more celebrated and popular ones to the upcoming talent we so admire. The Monastery is an ode to our eponymous festival. The musicians on the compilation are all featured on this year’s line-up. Together they have created a perfect reflection of a Monastery day that takes you from the opening meditation to a deep and dark rave night.”




In addition to this amazing collection of music, they are hosting their second annual Monastery Festival in the heart of Germany.  Taking place in a breathtaking ancient castle, this festival has made itself a must-go destination for any musical-tourist wanting to experience something new and exciting.  We must admit too that this line up is pretty awesome.


In case you can’t make The Monastery, here are s0me upcoming shows for The Gardens of Babylon.