The age old saying “good things come to those who wait” is particularly applicable when referencing the new EP from UK techno duo GAIST. Their EP Mind was recently signed to Pig&Dan’s ELEVATE imprint in the winter of 2016 and has been awaiting release, which happened last week.  Mind EP has received big time plays from DJ heavyweights, including Richie Hawtin and Pan-Pot.

The title track leads off the EP and sets the tone with a ferocious low end and battering ram percussion. The second track “Blakk” focuses on hypnotic rhythm and a heavy groove with sparse melodic elements. “Rumble” wraps up the EP nicely keeping the dark and heavy vibe going with more unrelenting percussion and lively synth drone that weaves in and out of the track.

This slamming techno EP from Gaist was worth the wait and is sure to light up the dance floors and dark rooms around the globe.


RELEASE DATE: 2017-03-17

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– vaz
John Vaz de Medeiros
Contributing Writer