[Release] Deep, dark, sexy, funky emotive — so many words can be used to describe Gabriel Rocca‘s new release, Turn The Lights, on Lo Kik Records. A quality two track record, Gabriel really grabs your attention on this one. Gabriel teams up with Facing Odds and Marcello Florella for the title track, which is charmingly deep and groovy with a formidable bass line and  a catchy chorus. A real mover in the paint, this is one track that will keep you grooving. ‘All Night’ is loaded with bass and clean percussion and soft keys accompanied by subtle elements.

A great record loaded with two bass heavy anthems, this is one release that will be shaking speakers everywhere.


Artist:  Gabriel Rocca
Title:  Turn The Lights
Label:  Lo Kik Records
Catalog No.:  LKEP112

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