If you recall our post featuring Gerry Gonza’s “Bad Bitches” track, you’ll remember we dropped the news about our friends Thee Cool Cats splitting up. As sad as this was to hear, we were also very excited to find out that both homies, Tony Edit and Gerry Gonza, were going to continue making music. Gerry has since shifted focus onto his solo project, and it has certainly blossomed incredibly! Since the split, the Cali native has been able to land two HUGE releases, “Bad Bitches” on Tchami’s Confession imprint, and an official remix of “4 Real”, for the HARD Godfather himself, Destructo. So, we thought it would only be right to shine some light on our good friend Gerry, and let him showcase what he’s been working on! MI4L presents the G-Love Mixtape with Gerry Gonza!

G-Love Mixtape Vol.14 featuring Gerry Gonza (420 Special)

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Interview with Gerry Gonza

1. Who inspires you?
People who I talk to that tell me they don’t live the life they want. They remind me of how lucky I am to be blessed with my life and have had all the opportunities and experiences I’ve had, especially at my age and it all pushes me to keep becoming a better version of myself and to keep returning and sharing the love to people.

2. What is the hottest track in your arsenal?
I have a new track by my boy BIJOU that blew me away from the first time I heard it. It’s so good I had to put it in the mix.

3. Where do you dream about playing?
I’ve been dreaming of playing Space Ibiza since I first saw a video of it. It was the first time I had seen and heard proper house music. Seeing DJs play for a big happy crowd and control not just their movement, but the whole energy of the party was magic to me.

4. When is your next release dropping?
I have an EP coming out very soon on Sweat It Out! It has awesome collaborations I’ve done with Bruno Furlan, Worthy, Thee Cool Cats, and BIJOU. My track with BIJOU has already had support from Malaa in one of his mixes and if you’ve gone to any recent TCC sets, you’ve definitely heard the track we did with Bruno.

5. Favorite all time Hip-Hop song or album?
My favorite Hip-hop song is “Success is My Cologne” and it’s off of my favorite mixtape ever, Curren$y’s “Covert Coup”. The whole mixtape and especially that track make me think of one simple thing: success. Every time I hear Curren$y say, “Success is my cologne, I spray that bottle all on me”, I get inspired and pumped to work harder and accomplish more.

6. You can collab with one producer from the past 30 years, who do you choose?
My favorites of all time; the geniuses, the originators, the revolutionary french-men themselves, Justice. If it could be someone who’s passed, it’d have to be the god Rick James.

7. How do you make all them hot tracks?!
By not worrying about it and being open to any and all ideas. I feel what slows people down with production is all the judgements and criticism we’ve accumulated from teachers, experiences, etc. getting in the way and making us think that something we try is wrong or not good. It’s good to keep lessons in mind, but the golden rule is: if it sounds good to you and you like it, go with it!

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Juany Bravo
Contributing Editor