The gangsta shit continues with Volume 02 of MI4L’s monthly G-Love Mixtape series; and you really can’t get more G in house music than with Sleazy Deep and Rob Made.

Mr. Made has masterfully woven together the label’s forthcoming compilation — “Miami G, 2015” (due out March 30) — into one continuous mix. Lucky us!

Press play and shake dat booty, y’all!

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Connect with Rob Made:

Interview with Rob Made:

Who inspires your ass?
I have so many influences and love all music! I come from growing up with 90’s rave culture and was a huge part of my early teens and still is now! I was also a huge Sasha & Digweed fan and right now am loving Claude Von Strokes Dirtybird, what the Hot Creations crew are doing plus Amine Edge & DANCE with their CUFF imprint, Shiba San and much more.

What jam gets all the ladies on the floor?
Stage Rockers & Ammo Avenue – Let’s Dance is a killer track that perfectly starts a set, getting the ladies on the floor to get things going I also start the Miami G, 2015 mix with it.

When you dig playin’ the most – day or night?
I’ve not played many day parties but Lovebox in London was hot, but for me, you can’t beat a night-time party!

Where is Rob Made in 2020?
Hopefully a household name for quality house music and my Sleazy brands! 

Why you so Made (what makes you, you)?
Haha, not sure really… I love so many different styles and reflect this when I’m DJing depending on the booking, time of night etc etc and when producing take influence from what I’m feeling at that time, so musically I don’t think there is a MADE sound, just yet!

How do you make all them hot tracks?!
With a lot of time & dedication you really can do anything you want to do, but it takes time and a lot of hard work! Get comfortable with your gear and learn it!

Lastly, sup with the mix?!
Thanks for having me on to do this Music For Lovers, the mix is a World-wide exclusive of Miami G, 2015 released March 30thon Sleazy G, here you can check out the first mix for the album in all it’s ghetto, g-house, booty shaking glory, enjoy! xxxx

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