Keinemusik is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in dance music, the Berlin based trio has been on an inexorable run over the last ten years, blurring the lines between art, fashion and underground club culture, and have announced their sole West Coast date for 2021, the first LA show since 2018, a open-to-close block party with Future Primitive in Chinatown’s Gin Ling Way on Oct 16.

The Keinemusik label and collective ooze dancefloor savvy, in a way that’s irreverent, considered, and totally unique. Their sets are intoxicating and rhythmic, combining a deep smooth groove with spiky eclectic and bold moments. The core trio of Adam Port, Rampa and &Me are one of dance music’s most of the moment crews, yet it’s been a slow burn, as the label celebrated its ten year anniversary in 2021.

There is a perfect weight of momentum behind their sound and skater punk aesthetic, Keinemusik are proving they’re undoubtedly some of electronic music’s most exciting and interesting DJs and producers. Their second collaborative album is set for release this Fall, and follows their recent cameo as resident DJs in Grand Theft Auto’s new club, The MusicLocker.

Keinemusik’s show rounds out Future Primitive summer season, which includes Jamie Jones Paradise In The Park in Pershing Square on Aug 21 and DJ Tennis with Gerd Janson in Gin Ling Way on Aug 7. Future Primitive is renowned for pioneering unique outdoor event spaces for underground dance music that embody the cinematic and iconic nature of Los Angeles. 

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