[New Release]  The long wait is over…  After a few amazing single releases, Fur Coat is back with a full length LP for Crosstown Rebels.  Still riding on a high from their latest releases on Crosstown, ‘You and I’ and ‘Space Ballad,’ we get thirteen tracks displaying the skill these two possess and the range they can produce.  An LP of all original work, expect many of these jams to get lots of play time, especially in the late hours of the night

The intro track, ‘Mind Over Matter,’ is a superb opening track which sets the chilly mood and signals the darkness and deepness that flows through the rest of the release.  ‘Those Days’ is a very ominous beast with crisp percussion and a lucidly dark bass line.  ‘She’s All Good’ is a sublimely deep track with a treacherous vibe and abysmal grooves.  ‘Going Nowhere’ has to be my favorite new original from the LP.  With its haunting bass line, foreboding vibes, and enticing vocals, this is a quintessential track from the Fur Coat we all know and love.  The very popular singles, ‘You and I’ and ‘Space Ballad,’ are also included on the album, while Fur Coat branches out with ‘This Is The End,’ in their lovely, successful attempt at an ill stripped to the bone down-tempo song.

Overall this is a great release from Crosstown Rebels and for Fur Coat.  It once again shows that Crosstown has a knack for investing in great artists and with more than a handful of great tracks off this release, this LP is definitely a great addition to Crosstown’s already massive credentials.  Crosstown are always pushing the envelope with each release and we look forward to what they have up next.


Artist:  Fur Coat
Title:  Mind Over Matter
Label:  Crosstown Rebels
Catalog No.:  CRMCD019D

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In honor of this new release, Fur Coat just made this delightfully dark promo mix for you all to enjoy.