Fur Coat returns to Renaissance with another seminal EP…

There can be no denying Sergio Muñoz, AKA Fur Coat. Now a native of Barcelona, his Venezuelan roots are a reminder of South America’s ever-increasing contribution to the world of electronic music. The fact he has, and continues, to be at the forefront of this Latin surge is testament to his skill and creativity.

It’s also the reason why his relationship with Renaissance continues to endure. With three singles and an album to their collective name, they now join forces once again to present the diverse Dystopia EP.

‘Dystopia’ itself is the definition of everything a title track should stand for; a heady mix of Fur Coat’s consistent ability to marry a memorable riff with effortless, production cool. “My intention was a catchy hook that played along with the sub bass,” he confirms, “evoking the classic Renaissance era, but with a modern, yet timeless vibe.”

To ensure every drop of creative juice was wrung from the track, Sergio and Renaissance invited Musumeci and Dodi Palese to remix it in their unique, indie style. “We were instantly drawn to ‘Dystopia’s’ infectious riff and specifically wanted to celebrate that element,” they explain.

The EP is completed by ‘Solitary Road’, which shifts a stylistic gear into the world of electronica. “It’s been great to see the return of atmospheric breaks in recent years and I really wanted to produce something that would be a worthy entry into the genre,” Sergio humbly explains, “so my focus was once again on the all-important melodies with detuned chords and catchy riffs.”

Fur Coat ‘Dystopia EP’ with Musumeci & Dodi Palese Remix is OUT NOW on Renaissance
Buy / Stream it here: https://lnk.to/REN21020D