Today, All Day I Dream extends another warm welcome to label alumnus Fulltone, whose EP ‘Love In Space’ is designed to take listeners on a four-piece journey into the cosmos. The Egyptian talent creates a sense of wonder across the EP, communicating its themes sonically with twinkling chime and synth accents, expansive string sections, and subtle, yet vibrant basslines that can be felt as much within the whole body as it can in the ears. From a soft takeoff in the record’s title opener to the explorative, heads-down “Oceans Of Wisdom,” Fulltone’s focus on impactful sound design is on full display in this new work.

‘Love In Space’ is also at its core a true embodiment of the ‘All Day I Dream’ sound: emotive, lush shades of dance music that work perfectly for the ethereal daytime setting fostered at each of the label’s events. It’s this sense of connection, joy, and openness emulating from the music and every facet of its operation that have transformed the Lee Burridge-led brand into a bonafide global movement—which celebrates its tenth birthday this year.

Fulltone is responsible for various All Day I Dream ‘Sampler’ contributions over the years, but boasts an impressive resume beyond this affiliation. The producer’s work has appeared on various institutions in his realm of studio expertise, including Kindisch, Shanti Moscow Radio, Variety, and Seven Villas, to name a few. He’s also had his music supported on BBC1, and in various official playlists for Apple Music and Spotify—in addition to playing gigs from Berlin to Dubai.